BWT and Chemours Unveil THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH – A Joint Venture

Meeting the demand in mobility applications is crucial for the advancement of a global, sustainable hydrogen economy.

FUMATECH, a pioneer in electrochemical applications such as water treatment and energy-related fields, and a member of the BWT Group since 1997, has joined forces with Chemours, a global chemistry company, to establish a joint venture named THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH – A BWT Chemours Company.

This joint venture, THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company, aims to supply fuel cell and humidifier membranes worldwide, facilitating the transition to green, hydrogen-powered heavy-duty transportation. Regulatory approvals have been obtained, allowing the venture to commence the production of fuel cells and humidifier membranes for the mobility market.

Partnering with Chemours, known for its leading market positions in various sectors including Titanium Technologies and Advanced Performance Materials, aligns perfectly with FUMATECH's mission to contribute to higher standards of life through sustainable water and energy supply. Chemours, inventor of Nafion™ ion exchange membranes, demonstrates a commitment to responsible manufacturing and environmental stewardship, which resonates with FUMATECH's values.

Located in Germany, THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company will collaborate with FUMATECH to utilize Chemours' Nafion™ ion exchange materials in producing industry-leading membranes. This 50-50 joint venture leverages the combined expertise and resources of both companies to meet the demand for HDFC (heavy-duty fuel cell) membranes, essential for scaling the global hydrogen economy.

Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of BWT, emphasizes the joint venture's vision of accelerating the transition to a cleaner future. Gerardo Familiar, president of Advanced Performance Materials at Chemours, highlights the critical role of Nafion™ ion exchange membranes in driving the hydrogen economy and supporting global decarbonization efforts.

Together, the joint venture between FUMATECH, BWT Group, and Chemours sets the stage for long-term success in the hydrogen space, ensuring a sustainable path forward for clean energy solutions.

Source: BWT - BWT and Chemours officially launch THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH – A BWT Chemours Company