PFAS: The unaware danger hiding inside us

Researchers have confirmed a direct link between exposure to toxic PFAS and an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, marking a significant development due to the challenge of proving such associations. This was demonstrated through a study examining death records from the Veneto region in Italy, where residents were exposed to high levels of PFAS in drinking water for decades.

PFAS, known as "forever chemicals," have been widely used across various industries for their water, stain, and heat resistance properties. Previous research has already linked PFAS exposure to numerous serious health issues, including cancer, kidney disease, and birth defects.. 

Evidence shows that PFAS exposure is linked to higher rates of kidney cancer and other health issues. PFAS can also cause persistent high cholesterol levels, which are hard to manage with diet or lifestyle changes. Moreover, there are worries that the trauma from the environmental disaster could worsen circulation problems for some people.

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