BWT AQA drink Pro 60

Pro 60: AQA drink PRO 60 Black
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The water dispenser with superpowers

  • There is an integrated, registered as a patent, limescale protection solution in the AQA drink PRO 60 HOT version.
  • You can combine the AQA drink PRO 60 with any BWT Mineralized Water cartridge, for perfect, healthy, tasty, filtered and mineralized hot, ambient, cold or sparkling water.
  • Countertop or floorstanding unit
  • Equipped with UV-​LED at the water outlet
  • App assisted disinfection with BWT easycare
  • Smart diagnostics
  • Boiler (with integrated scale protection and PH control) - AQA drink PRO 60 HOT version

Product Benefits

UV-​LED technology

→ Thanks to a state-of-the-art UV-LED reactor at the water outlet and an App assisted disinfection programme, the highest hygienic standards can be ensured


→ The unit can automatically dispense drinking glass, bottle or jug portions in customiseable volumes

→ Portioning can be selected with a single / double click on the respective selection button

CO2 control

→ Through an optionally available CO2 monitor you will be notified before the CO2 bottles runs out

Simple disinfection programme

→ Semi-automatic disinfection cycle with the easy to use cartridge system BWT EasyCare

→ Manageable without the need of a service technician via mobile App

Smart diagnostics

→ Leakage detection with AQA stop

→ Component specific fault recognition

→ Drip tray (container) monitoring

Boiler (with integrated scale protection and PH control) - AQA drink PRO 60 HOT version

→ Integrated, patent-registered, limescale protection - limescale deposits in the boiler are prevented by minimal reduction of the pH value of the supply water. No softening required and full mineralization options for every customer preference are avaliable.

→ Thanks to a precise pH control, brewed beverages will appear clearer in colour and smoother in taste

→ Faster heating cycles because of a predictive heating algorithm

→ More energy efficient due to an innovative tangential water injection system


Fleet management

→ Always know the state of your devices in the field

→ See consumable states and water consumption for single devices and whole customer fleets

→ History and telemetry data lets you investigate issues before driving to the device location, using the time available as efficient as possible

→ Receive real time notifications, alarms and reliable prediction of filter exhaustion

→ See detailed statistics of the water consumption and intervention timeline for your customer base


Easy setup and configuration

→ App supported step by step commissioning of the device

→ Change parameters easily to adjust the water according to your individual needs Disinfection system

→ Step by step guide for the disinfection process – all App controlled

Simple cleaning system

→ Semi-automatic cleaning cycle with the easy to use cartridge system BWT EasyCare

→ Manageable via App without the need of a service technician

Debug and control

→ Ability to see the current state of your device in real time

Touchless water dispensing

→ Fill your carafe or glass without touching the device, minimising bacterial exchange – perfect for clinics and hospitals


Makes the water dispenser an IoT-enabled device and facilitates maintenance and monitoring for the operator:

→ Step-by-step guide for easy installation and configuration.

Operators can set:

– Filter type and filter capacity

– Water temperatures

– Filling quantity (glass, carafe, bottle cup, pot)

→ Step-by-step guide for easy cleaning and disinfection

→ Real-time function and error overview via a debug menu

→ Fleet management (or via the web page

→ Detailed statistics (or via the web page

Trained users can use the app in combination with the bFilter platform. It is an online application which works with an available WiFi network only.


→ Touch-less operation of the water dispenser via NFC

→ Selection of desired water option and quantity via the mobile phone

→ Minimises bacterial contamination on the unit

No data is transferred to BWT.


Product details


The BWT AQA drink PRO 60 impresses with its innovative technological features. It is built completely from high-​quality stainless steel and has a powder coating finishing. Regardless of your water preference, whether you have a lot of space or even very little - with the different versions of the AQA drink PRO 60 every need can be satisfied. A state-​of-the-art UV-​LED reactor prevents the system from being contaminated with bacteria from the water outlet. In addition to being active during dispensing, the UV-​LED reactor activates periodically to prevent recontamination. For your hygienic safety. 

  • Smart device - digital connection for easy monitoring, maintaining and fleet management
  • Instant disinfection with advanced UV-​LED technology
  • 4 water options: ambient, cold, sparkling and light sparkling or hot
  • Capacity: 60 l/h of cold and sparkling water or 26 l/h hot water
  • Ideal for offices, Ho.Re.Ca. universe, hospitals, clinics, hotels

The device for every taste and every situation, no matter whether you like ambient, cold, sparkling or hot water.


All BWT AQA drink filters refine your tap water in five filtration stages. During this process, particles, heavy metals (such as copper, lead and nickel), odour and other taste disturbing substances (such as chlorine) are reduced. This state-​of-theart filtration is just the preparation phase.

The real difference is the patented BWT mineralization technology. Local, filtered tap water, enriched by valuable minerals such as magnesium and zinc deliver perfect taste and help feel more balanced and resilient to stress. BWT makes tasty, locally-​produced mineralized drinking water. For You and Planet Blue. 

Technical details



Item n° - WD white 125548053 125546901
Item n° - Cabinet white 125546902 125546902
Item n° - WD black 125548052 125546898
Item n° - Cabinet black 125546900 125546900
C - Cold  ✓  ✓
A - Ambient  ✓  ✓
S - Sparkling  ✓  ✓
H - Hot  -  ✓
Cooling capacity l/h (∆t = 10°C) 60 60
Heating capacity l/h  - 26
Number of people (approx.)

 Up to 100

 Up to 100

Cooling technology

Aluminium block evaporator

Aluminium block evaporator

Cooling control

4 °C to + 12 °C NTC control

4 °C to + 12 °C NTC control

Recirculation pump/stirrer -
Compressor power  200 W
 200 W
Refrigerant R290 R290
Power supply  230 V / 50-60 Hz
 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 480 2460
Pump type Rotary vanes pump
Rotary vanes pump
⌀ water inlet pipe 8 mm 8 mm
⌀ CO2 inlet pipe 1/4"
Maximum CO2 inlet pressure 5,5 bar
5,5 bar
Water inlet pressure (min./max.) 2 /5,0 bar
2 /5,0 bar
Dimensions WD (WxDxH) mm 275x460x455
Dimensions cabinet (WxDxH) mm 275x460x925 275x460x925
Weight kg (approx.) 37 41
Material of construction Full 304 SS / powder coating
Full 304 SS / powder coating
Water selection point Push buttons / touchless via App
Push buttons / touchless via App



AQA Drink PRO 60

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