AQUAlizer Station incl. 1 ZINC + 1 Magnesium Mineralised cartridge incl. 2 glass carafes | 125305476

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The eye-catcher in your kitchen

With the new BWT AQUAlizer station, state-of-the-art aesthetics and technology are moving into your kitchen. Thanks to the patented BWT filter technology, the elegant station ensures high drinking water quality and the best taste. The magnesium and ZINC+Magnesium Mineralized filter cartridge included in the set protects your immune system and guarantees tasty tap water mineralised with zinc and magnesium.


Uncomplicated handling
The removable lid makes it easy to fill the tank under all common taps.

Manual cartridge change indicator.
The AQUAlizer Station has a manual indicator on the inside of the lid. This gives you an overview of when the filter cartridge needs to be changed (every 30 days at the latest).

Glass carafe included.
The glass carafes included with the station score points with their elegant design and high practicality. They fit directly under the station and are therefore easy to fill without any detours.
Technical details
  • Capacity | 1 l
  • Cartridge change interval | 4 weeks
  • Chlorine reduction | > 99 %
  • Colour | White
  • Filter capacity | 120 l @ 15-18 °d TH
  • Filter change indicator | Manual display
  • Filtered water capacity | 1 l
  • Heavy metal reduction | > 95 %
  • Lead time | 5 min
  • Limescale protection | Yes
  • Magnesium release | 25-30 mg/l
  • Reduction of organic substances | Yes
  • Zinc release | 3 mg/l
  • pH value filtered water | 6,3-7,0

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