BWT Bestcare 10 | 125501411 | Germ Catcher PLUS BWT Triple Protection

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The germ catcher

  • Special filter system for protection against bacteria
  • Perfect protection and hygiene, ideal for drinking water dispensers
  • Elimination of off-​flavour tastes and odours
  • Removal of particles and suspended matter
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • Space-​saving design and very simple handling

Product details

The high quality of drinking water in Europe is ensured by legal regulations and the regular inspection of waterworks. However, even good drinking water can be affected by unforeseen problems such as the sudden entry of particles, cloudiness, bacteria and protozoa (e.g. Giardia and Cryptosporidium). These issues can be caused by the public pipeline network or the installations in the affected building.

BWT bestcare 10 was specially designed to protect consumers against these risks. Thanks to its newly developed triple activated carbon barrier, almost all particles, cloudiness and organic components can be safely removed and unpleasant tastes and odours caused by chlorine and other substances can be eliminated. The drinking results are perfected through the final BWT hollow-fibre membrane filtration to ensure the safe removal of bacteria and protozoa – with a very high dirt absorption capacity and low pressure loss. BWT bestcare 10 – the new and innovative insurance for your water.


Typical areas of application

  • Filtration of cold drinking water
  • Protection of downstream equipment (e.g. water dispensers) against the entry of particles, bacteria and protozoa
  • Removal of foreign tastes and odours, cloudiness and organic components

Main advantages

  • Complete preservation of water quality at the point of consumption
  • Integrated BWT triple activated carbon barrier
  • One filter for separating particles, bacteria, protozoa and for reducing the taste of chlorine
  • Retention of microplastics
  • Easy installation and filter change with BWT besthead FLEX
  • Quick and easy set-up, without foul water

Technical features

  • Retention of particles through integrated pre-filtration (5 μm)
  • > 90% reduction in chlorine through integrated activated carbon filtration
  • Separation of bacteria: 99.999% (log 5)
  • Integrated hollow-fibre membrane filtration (0.1 μm)
  • Filter capacity of 6,000 litres / filter replacement after 6 months
  • Silver-impregnated activated carbon for the prevention of bacterial growth
  • Vertical installation

    Where can BWT bestcare 10 be used?

    BWT bestcare 10 is the ideal solution for all water dispensers and drinking
    water systems, but it can also be used wherever cold water has to be safe to
    drink directly at the point of consumption.

    Technical details

    BWT bestcare 10
    Filter head besthead FLEX
    Connection thread (in/out)
    Inlet pressure,
    min. – max. in bar
    Water temperature,
    min. – max. in °C
    Ambient temperature,
    min. – max. in °C
    Ambient temperature during transport / storage in °C -20 - 40
    Nominal flow rate l/h 200
    Pressure loss at nominal flow rate in bar 0,8
    Pore size of hollow-fibre membrane filtration in μm o,1
    Flow pressure in bar > 1,2
    Flush volume in litres 1-3
    Total height without bracket in mm, approx. 287
    Wall mounting bracket height in mm, approx. 249
    Connection height in mm 226
    Ø filter cartridge in mm 88
    Weight in kg, approx. (dry/wet) 0.5/1.1
    Filter replacement recommended after months 6
    Typical capacity in litres 6 000



    BWT Bestcare 10 data sheet

    BWT besthead FLEX data sheet

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