BWT Bestclear | FS30U00A00 | Protection against limescale

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The cleaner

  • Special filter system for compact dishwashers used in the restaurant and catering industry
  • Protecting machinery against limescale deposits and particulates
  • Multi-​stage filtration to reduce dried-​on components
  • Minimise the need for detergents
  • For crockery, glassware and cutlery free of stains and streaks
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • Space-​saving design and very simple handling

Product details

BWT bestclear is a special filter solution designed to achieve outstanding dishwashing results. Today's restaurant and catering guests have high expectations. They attach great importance to quality, service and perfection down to the last detail. Restaurateurs and caterers who take these demanding standards seriously can turn to the BWT bestclear filter system as an innovative tool for dishwashing technology.

Thanks to its special design, BWT bestclear ensures excellent dishwashing results: flawless table settings, brilliantly sparkling glassware and cutlery that, shines, all combine to create the perfect ambience for dining guests. And less work is needed for polishing glasses and cutlery, and ensuring perfect champagne bubbles and a rich, golden head on beer and lager.

Technical advantages of BWT bestclear at a glance

  • 5-​stage filtration
  • Highly efficient limescale protection
  • Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-​clear water
  • Filtration also of bypass water
  • Ease of handling when replacing the filter
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Suitable for hot water feed up to 65
BWT bestclear 2XL
Filter head Besthead FLEX
Connection thread (in/out)
Inlet pressure,
min. – max. in bar
2-6** 2-8
Water temperature,
min. – max. in °C
4-65** 4-30
Ambient temperature,
min. – max. in °C
Total height without bracket in mm, approx. 570-580
Total height with bracket in mm, approx. 600
Connection height in mm 520
Distance to floor in mm 65
Installation length in mm 125
Ø filter cartridge in mm 185
Capacity in litres at 10 °dKH | Blend 0 (1) 9000 (9720)
Weight in kg, approx. (dry/wet) 7.5/11.0
Pressure loss in bar (at 100/200 L/h) 0.15/0.45

** A pressure reducer must be installed upstream for hot water operation!



BWT Bestclear data sheet

BWT besthead FLEX data sheet

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