BWT Bestmin PREMIUM | FS24M10A00 | Mineralisation plus activated carbon

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The remineraliser downstream of reverse osmosis

  • Special filter system for remineralising water that is virtually salt-​free
  • Ideal in combination with the BWT bestaqua MIN system for raw water with high salt and chloride content
  • Creates a balanced mineral content in the water with higher magnesium content
  • Delivers the perfect water for producing hot beverages with top sensory attributes
  • Also ideal for soft water areas • Efficient also for serving high water demand
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology

Product details

BWT bestmin PREMIUM is a unique filter system specially designed to mineralise water that is virtually free of salts. BWT bestmin PREMIUM is an integral component of the compact BWT bestaqua MIN system's reverse osmosis unit, a clever combination of reverse osmosis and downstream remineralisation, specially developed for raw water with high salt and chloride content.

This filter not only removes undesirable components such as particulates and substances that lend an unpleasant taste or odour, such as chlorine, but also features a special mineralisation unit that refines low-​mineral raw water to create a finely mineralised gourmet drinking water ideal for making any hot beverages and coffee specialities. Furthermore, in regions where sourced water is predominantly soft water, BWT bestmin PREMIUM can also be used to remineralise raw water for general use in the restaurant and catering industry.

Technical advantages of BWT bestmin PREMIUM at a glance

  • Multi-​stage filtration
  • Integrated active carbon filtration
  • Filtration of all treated water
  • Ease of handling when replacing the filter
  • High filter capacity
  • BWT remineralisation for higher magnesium content
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • Vertical installation only

Technical details

Connection thread (in/out), (1)
Inlet pressure,
min. – max. in bar
Water temperature,
min. – max. in °C
Ambient temperature,
min. – max. in °C
Total height without bracket (A) in mm, approx. 475
Total height with bracket (B) in mm, approx. 500
Connection height (C) in mm 425
Distance to floor (D) in mm 65
Installation length (E) in mm 125
Ø filter cartridge (F) in mm 130
Weight in kg, approx. (dry/wet) 4.0/4.5
Filter replacement recommended after months 12
Typical capacity in litres 10 000


BWT water+more products for remineralising

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BWT bestmin
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Remineralising based on BWT RO ✔️
BWT magnesium technology ✔️
Integrated active carbon filtration ✔️ ✔️
Retention of bacteria (log 6) ✔️
Retention of particles and microplastic (0.1 μm) ✔️
Use in in BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee ✔️
Use in BWT bestaqua ROC MIN ✔️
Mineralising of natural soft water ✔️
Standalone use without RO ✔️



BWT Bestmin PREMIUM data sheet

BWT besthead FLEX data sheet

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