BWT multiblock module GIT

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For rapid docking to the connection module (horizontal or vertical).

The Multiblock module is a connection- and shut-off piece.

Using the Multiblock module, water treatment devices can be connected time- and cost-saving with reinforced hoses G 11⁄4”. It is free of mainte- nance and replaces the installation of a bypass-line.

The Multiblock module must be connected to a HM-module (not included in delivery)

With the Multiblock module GIT, the water inlet to the device can be interrupted. The water supply is sustained by the integrated Bypass.

Technical details

Multiblock module GIT
Connection width DN 32

Connection external thread

G 1 1/4"

Nominal pressure

10 bar

Water temperature

 30 °C

Ambient temperature

 40 °C

Order no. 51969


The metal materials used in the product are listed in the „List of hygienic suitable metal materials of the Federal Environment Agency“

The composition of all used metal materials can be proved by inspection certificates or acceptance test certificates according to DIN EN 10204.


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