BWT Protector BW 3/4"-1" | 10547

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Mechanical filter with reverse rinsing, manually operated

  • The first and necessary stage of water treatment
  • Protection of devices and water installations against mechanical damage
  • Brass head. Lampshade made of transparent plastic
  • Knob for cleaning elements during rinsing
  • Rinse water drain
  • PZH certificate

Product details

BWT Protector BW – an effective and durable filter for a single-family house.

Tap water contains various types of solid impurities, such as sand particles or remains of sealing materials and rust. Therefore, mechanical filtration is the first and necessary stage of water treatment for home use. BWT Protector BW is a mechanical filter for cold water (up to 30oC), designed specifically for use in home water installations. It removes impurities from water, which protects pipes, connections and devices connected to them against corrosion and serious failures such as burst pipes and flooded apartments. Thanks to high filtration efficiency (90 µm) and a brass head, it provides effective protection of your home installation for many years.

Easy operation and comfort of use. Installing a filter is not enough to fully protect the water system from damage. Its regular maintenance is also necessary. BWT Protector BW is a response to the needs of users who value not only the effectiveness but also easy maintenance of the filter. BWT Protector BW makes cleaning the filter element exceptionally easy thanks to reverse rinsing, and the transparent cover made of modern material makes it easier to assess the cleanliness of the filter element. The device is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.


 Protector BW Type 3/4" 1"
Nominal connection width DN 20 25
Hose connection, diameter mm 14 14
Flow rate at Δp = 0,2 bar m3/h 3,0 3,5
Lower/upper admission width µm 90/110 90/110
Nominal pressure (PN) bar 10 10
Water temperature °C 5 - 30 5 - 30
Ambient temperature °C 5 - 40 5 - 40
Overall length mm 106 100
Total height mm 280 280
Minimum distance pipe centre to floor mm 400 400
Minimum distance pipe centre to wall mm 50 50
Operating weight, approx. kg 1,8 1,7
Order No. 10547 10547



BWT Protector BW Fitting and operating instructions 

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