BWT R1 Backwash filter HWS

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Size: HWS DN 25 | 40370
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Domestic Water Station with 2-phase backwash technology

  • Manual backwash filter with integrated pressure reducer
  • Intensive cleaning through 2-phase backwash technology
  • For horizontal and vertical installation
  • 10-year warranty (with product registration)
  • Quick installation through HydroModul


The BWT R1 backwash filter is installed to keep particles and impurities such as rust and sand, which can be caused by new connections and maintenance work on the pipe network, away from the drinking water installation in the house. The installation of such a drinking water filter or similar in every domestic installation is even mandatory according to relevant standards. Without a protective filter, these particles can cause everything from dripping taps in the bathroom or kitchen to malfunctions of washing machines and other household products. 

  • Durable, robust, powerful 
  • Including rotatable connection technology 
  • Available with and without pressure reducer 
  • Quick installation with HydroModule (3/4" to 1 1/4") 
  • For horizontal and vertical installation 
  • Particularly intensive cleaning through 2-phase backwash technology 
  • Perfect drinking water hygiene through simple handling, which should be backwashed every 2 months to ensure perfect hygienic drinking water. 

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