BWT R1 Backwash filter RSF

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Size: RSF DN 25 | 40365
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Domestic Water Station with 2-phase backwash technology

  • Manual backwash filter
  • Intensive cleaning through 2-phase backwash technology
  • For horizontal and vertical installation
  • 10-year warranty (with product registration)
  • Quick installation through HydroModul


The BWT R1 filters are designed to filter drinking water and protect the drinking water pipes and any connected aquiferous system components against malfunctions and corrosion caused by foreign particles which can get into the system while making new connections or during maintenance work. A water filter in a house installation is a must according to relevant standards. Without any filter these foreign particles can cause dripping taps, dysfunctions of the washer and other domestic products.

  • Durable, robust, powerful
  • Available with and without pressure reducer
  • Quick assembling with HydroModul (3/4" to 1 1/4")
  • For horizontal and vertical installation
  • Particularly intensive cleaning through 2-phase backwashing technology
    • coarse particles
    • profound cleaning
  • Backflushing of the filter every 2 months for perfect drinking water quality

BWT's R1 backwash filter is installed at the water inlet after the water meter to keep contaminants out of water pipework and prevent dripping faucets throughout the home or malfunction of household appliances. Dirt particles such as rust and sand can be washed into the water by repair work, new connections or older public piping systems. With the installation and regular maintenance of the R1 backwash filter you ensure optimal and hygienic water for your home. The proven technology with the unique 2-phase backwash technology makes the operation of the R1 backwash filter extremely easy.

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