BWT Woda-Pure SoftMin M | Plus minerals

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  • For use with filter head 12580 or 12533 (not for BWT GROHE, BWT BLANCO or BWT w+m filter heads)


The BWT Woda-Pure series turns ordinary tap water into best drinking water. Define your own water quality at your home: water free of particles, odour, chlorine, bacteria, etc. with or Mg2+ Mineralizer technology. And choose your BWT cartridge systems for your water issues.

  • Use local tap water | Local tap water is treated onsite and turned into safe drinking water. Best of all: the great-tasting BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water.
  • Conservation of resources | No need to buy and transport water in plastic bottles any longer - this saves resources and reduces the CO2 footprint.
  • Reduce plastic waste | Less production and use of plastic water bottles reduce the amount of plastic waste drastically - it's a contribution to sustainability.
  • Save money | Avoiding plastic bottles and using local tap water can also save cash - in short, an economic and ecological investment.

Woda-Pure Soft Min M


* Re-mineralization with naturally minerals perfectly nutritionally balanced.

* Taste enhancement - recommended after Reverse Osmoses.

Capacity up to

SoftMin M | 4 500 L

We recommend to replace the filter cartridge at least after 6 months - independent of the remaining capacity. Also after shut down of more than four weeks. To maximize filter capacity we recommend to use a pre-filter of 5 μm or 1 μm.

Technical details

 Woda-Pure filter cartridge SoftMin M
Overall height without fixture in mm 475
Overall height with fixture in mm 500
Connection height in mm 421
Fitting length in mm 125
Connection thread (inlet/outlet) 3/8"
Maximum flow rate (l/h) 200
Nominal pressure, min - max. in bar 2-8
approx. pressure loss at 200 l/h in bar 1.3
Operating temperature, min. – max. in °C 4-30
Filter No. 12563
Filter Head without bypass 12533
Filter Head with bypass (blend settings 0) 12580

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