BWT Woda-Pure Anti-Chlorine

Size: S-C | 12561
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The BWT Woda-Pure series turns ordinary tap water into best drinking water. Define your own water quality at your home: water free of particles, odour, chlorine, bacteria, etc. with or Mg2+ Mineralizer technology. And choose your BWT cartridge systems for your water issues.

  • Use local tap water | Local tap water is treated onsite and turned into safe drinking water. Best of all: the great-tasting BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water.
  • Conservation of resources | No need to buy and transport water in plastic bottles any longer - this saves resources and reduces the CO2 footprint.
  • Reduce plastic waste | Less production and use of plastic water bottles reduce the amount of plastic waste drastically - it's a contribution to sustainability.
  • Save money | Avoiding plastic bottles and using local tap water can also save cash - in short, an economic and ecological investment.

Woda-Pure S-C and V-C


* Removal of chlorine, organics, bad taste, smell and odour through highly effective and food safe activated carbon

Capacity up to

S-C | 12 000 L

V-C | 40 000 L

We recommend to replace the filter cartridge at least after 6 months - independent of the remaining capacity. Also after shut down of more than four weeks. To maximize filter capacity we recommend to use a pre-filter of 5 μm or 1 μm.

Technical details

 Woda-Pure filter cartridge S-C V-C
Overall height without fixture in mm 360 420
Overall height with fixture in mm 385 445
Connection height in mm 310 366
Fitting length in mm 125 125
Connection thread (inlet/outlet) 3/8" 3/8"
Maximum flow rate (l/h) 200 200
Nominal pressure, min - max. in bar 2-8 2-8
approx. pressure loss at 200 l/h in bar 0.8 0.8
Operating temperature, min. – max. in °C 4-30 4-30
Filter No. 12561 12562
Filter Head without bypass 12533 12533
Filter Head with bypass (blend settings 0) 12580 12580

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