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Woda-Pure 120 UFA and Woda-Pure Energy UFA

Woda-Pure 120 UFA is a powerful 'all-in-one' filter for safe and hygienic drinking water right from the kitchen tap. BWT's proven and reliable solution for many years removes undesirable odours, bad taste and smell such as chlorine, natural colourants - e.g., humic substances and separating suspended solids.

The 'dead-end-ultrafiltration-membrane' safely retains bacteria and prevents them from spreading further. Due to the compact filter size with the integrated filter head, it fits to smallest spaces and allows quick installation.

Woda-Pure Energy UFA filter model additionally protects against limescale deposits in pipes.

Technical details


120 UFA
Connection width OUTLET
1/4" (6.35 mm)
1/4" (6.35 mm)
Connection width INLET
mm 9.65 (for JG connections)
9.65 (for JG connections)
Nominal pressure min.-max. bar 1-8
Max flow rate l/h 200
Nominal flow rate l/h 120
Capacity l 10 000*
10 000*
Operating water temperature, min.-max. °C +4 to +30
+4 to +30
Ambient temperature, max. °C 40
Overall height mm 300
Distance from ground mm 200 200
Filter cartridge  Ø mm 80
Weight filter cartridge (dry/wet) kg 0.5/0.7 0.5/0.7
Operating position vertical vertical
Article no. 12534

 *however no longer than 6 months

Specific safety instructions

Only cold water of potable quality may be used as feed water and it must meet the following quality criteria:

  • Total iron and manganese < 0.2 mg/l
  • Free chlorine < 0.5 mg/l
  • Temperature 4 – 30°C
  • Maximum static pressure: 8 bar
  • Minimum flow pressure: 1 bar

Under no circumstances may feed water with unknown microbiological quality be used without adequate disinfection.

In the event of shut-downs for a longer period (weekend, holidays …), close the water tap on the feed of the Woda-Pure 120/Energy filter.

If you are not using water from the BWT Wassertechnik GmbH filter for a period of more than 2-3 days, we recommend rinsing the filter with water before it is used again. Avoid shutting down the filter over longer periods. After a downtime of 4 weeks and longer, the filter should be replaced by an original from BWT Wassertechnik GmbH.

Rinse amount in litres: 3 litres

The stainless steel gauze hose should be replaced after 5 years (service life).


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