HFS | 196.960.370 | Hygienic flushing system for drinking fountains

Sale price€1.449,58


The HFS system allows you to throw water through the spouts of the drinking fountain in a cycle of up to 6 times a day.

Water rule time: from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

  • Thanks to the cyclic draining of water and simultaneous rinsing of the spouts, it ensures hygienic water intake from the device.
  • It prevents water stagnation in the device.
  • Choosing the right temperature of the water flowing out of the drinking fountain.
  • The system is battery powered ‑ it does not require power supply to the mains.
  • 9V power supply guarantees safe use without the risk of electric shock.
  • The system can be downloaded to choose a fountain model from the Murdock Distribution Hub offers
  • The system is installed only by the authorized Murdock Distribution HUB Service, while its further operation is performed by the user.

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