M-OBFM4-MO-PF-KIT | 142.200.105 | Stainless Steel Outdoor Pedestal Bottle Filler with Pet Fountain M‑OBF‑PF, manual operate

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Model M‑OBF4 Bottle filler shall be activated by the push‑button as standard. Unit shall contain a 100 mesh inlet strainer, lead and cyst filter, and laminar flow spout. Construction shall be heavy gage, all stainless steel and pedestal base of bottle filler shall have four mounting holes. Access covers shall be secured with vandal‑resistant stainless steel screws. A self‑closing push‑button, needing less than 5 pounds force, shall activate an internally mounted valve. Pet fountain with push‑button valve. Height: 1320 mm.


  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 100 Mesh Inlet Strainer
  • Laminar Flow Water Supply
  • Lead and Cyst Filter
  • Meets ADA Forward and Side Reach Requirements


FRU1 Underground freeze-resistant single valve (push-button operation only, less filter)
FRU2 Underground freeze-resistant double valves (push-button operation only, less filter)¹
HB1 Hose bibb with vacuum breaker ¹ ²
HB3 Vandal resistant Hose bibb with vacuum breaker ¹ ²
IAP In-ground anchor plate ¹
LOGO Customer specified logo ¹
PF Pet fountain receptor ¹

Options Notes:

¹ See separate option sheet.

² This option is not available freeze-resistant.


OBF Series Model MOBF4 data sheet

OBF series Installation / Maintenance instructions

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