T1 Digital Tap - Multi-Setting Countertop Tap

Style: T1 ProCore Chilled / Ambient Black | 741000
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Contemporary, convenient and compact integrated drinking water tap.

Durable and discreet, filtered-water tap system

ProCore® - DryChill® - Totality®

Durable and discreet, the T1’s compact and flexible design can be installed directly into a countertop or placed above a sink, for the ultimate in filtered-water convenience.


Convenient and compact.

For complete convenience, the T1 can be mounted over a sink or paired with a discreet drip tray and placed directly into a countertop. Easily installed with a plug-and-play system, the illuminated control panel is seamlessly integrated into the body of the tap, providing versatile access to sparkling, chilled and ambient filtered water, making it fast and easy to refill bottles and glasses with refreshing, great-tasting water.

Evolved design.

Premium aesthetic.

The T1’s contemporary design delivers striking aesthetics. Featuring a premium easy-to-clean durable Fynil® finish, with antimicrobial silver ion protection, the T1 delivers complete hygiene confidence in communal areas.


Powerful and energy-efficient.

Designed and built in the UK, the T1 is powered by our exclusive, compact, modular ProCore® system with discrete ventilation. The integrated DryChill® airless, rapid cooling technology delivers the ultimate in hygiene and performance, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring every glass delivers perfectly chilled, fresh-tasting water.


Intelligent energy-efficiency

The T1 features DryChill® technology, the most recent advancement in water cooling. This airless system features a rapid-chill coolant coil, housed in an aluminium core for ultimate hygiene and performance. The efficient, tankless system reduces the risk of contamination and the need for sanitising chemicals, while ensuring every glass, from the first pour to the last, is consistently chilled just seconds before you drink it.


Hygiene assurance in every pour.

Totality® is our 5-step methodology to achieving pure, healthier, premium water. Providing hygiene assurance in every pour, Totality® reduces sediment, odours, chlorine and microplastics, for freshly-filtered water that is safe to drink and tastes clean and crisp.

Model comparison: tap systems

T1 T2 T3 C2/C3
Water options CA + + +

CS + + +
CAS + + +
Dispense height (mm) 310 310 310 286
Water system Dry Chill Dry Chill Dry Chill Dry Chill
Chilled ProCore 50 ProCore 50 ProCore 50 ProCore+ 80
Ambient ProCore 50 ProCore 50 ProCore 50 ProCore+ 80
Sparkling ProCore 50 ProCore 50 ProCore 50 ProCore+ 80
Hot 15

Water temperature (°C)

CS 2-11 2-11 2-11 2-11


H 92

230-240 230-240 230-240 230-240
EcoMode Standard Standard
Standard Standard Standard
DeepSparkel® Standard Standard Standard
Bluetooth®touchless control Standard
Totality® Standard Standard Standard Standard
Biomaster® Standard Standard Standard Standard
Unit dimensions
WxDxH (mm)
320 (W)
375 (D)
350 (H)
320 (W)
375 (D)
350 (H)
320 (W)
471 (D)
350 (H)
320 (W)
375 (D)
350 (H)
Tap dimensions
WxDxH (mm)
42 (W)
163 (D)
385 (H)
160 (W)
324 (D)
395 (H)
160 (W)
324 (D)
338 (H)
165/215 (W)
230/240 (D)
465/470 (H)
Refrigerant type R290 R290 R290 R290
*U/DOWP = unlimited/dependent on water pressure, if pressure-reducing valve not fitted.

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