GYM74MO-PF-BLR-KIT | 142.400.113 | Outdoor Pedestal Bottle Filler with Barrier-Free Drinking Fountain and Pet Fountain

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Drinking water station for outdoor application, with drinking fountain, bottle filler and pet fountain. Thanks to side mounted bowl the unit complies with requirements for wheelchair users. Designed for outdoor applications, such as: parks, promenades, city gardens and bicycle routes, allows filling of bottles and provides access to water for all thirsty people. Stylish, practical and user‑friendly, perfectly fits in every environment, makes a great addition to park furniture. Finished with steel colour coating. Additionally protected by weather resistant coating providing year‑round protection and stylish look with minimum maintenance requirements. Round design made of thick, vandal‑resistant steel. Laminar flow minimises splashing and facilitates maintenance. Drinking fountain and pet fountain have formed steel bowls with one‑piece vandal resistant bubblers. Self‑closing activation buttons (separate for fountain and bottle filler, a foot operated for pet fountain) located in visible places, and resistant to intensive use, are operated without need for holding or turning. Access cover made of thick steel plate, fixed to the structure with screws, designed to prevent unauthorised access. Ensures access to simple system of hydraulic connections. Unit to be mounted on a flat, finished surface, providing appropriate load bearing capacity. Height (bottle filler) 1448 mm, weight 115 kg. The unit complies with ADA requirements for access of people with disabilities. The unit has PZH approval and lead‑free design certified to NSF/ANSI 61, and meets the regulations concerning lead‑free appliances.


  • Adult ADA compliant for wheelchair users
  • Pushbutton operated Bottle filler
  • Laminar flow water supply to bottle filler
  • Resistant to sunlight, heat, moisture and wear
  • 18 Gage, 304 stainless steel drinking Fountain bowls
  • 12 Gage, heavy duty stainless steel construction with corrosion and scratch resistant finish
  • Stainless steel, anti-rotation non-squirt bubbler
  • 100 mesh inlet strainer
  • Access cover, heavy duty stainless steel, vandal resistant


CH30 Child height, 30" bubbler height 
CV Cartridge valve on fountain ¹ ²
FRU2 Freeze resistant, 2 valves ¹ (Less Filter and sensor)
FRU3 Freeze resistant, 3 valves ¹ (Less Filter and sensor)
FRU4 Freeze resistant, 4 valves ¹ (Less Filter and sensor)
FS Foot shower
HB1 Hose bibb, compression, with hose threaded outlet/VB ¹ ²
HB3 Hose bibb, loose key, vandal resistant, locked door with hose threaded outlet/VB ¹ ²
IAP In-ground anchor plate
IGM In-ground 14" mounting adapter
JF1 Jug filler, spigot, self-closing valve with plain end ¹ ²
JF2 Jug filler, pushbutton, self-closing valve w/ plain end ¹
JFFR1 Jug filler, pushbutton, freeze resistant, self closing valve ¹
LSR Bowl with Leaf and Debris Strainer ¹
MO Bottle filler operated by pushbutton only (Standard with freeze-resistant valves)
NP2 Non-pollutable, freeze resistant, 2 valves
NP3 Non-pollutable, freeze resistant, 3 valves
PF Pet fountain receptor ¹

Options Notes:

¹ See separate option sheet.

² This option is not available freeze-resistant.


GY Series Model GYM74 data sheet

GYM74 & GYQ84 Installation and Maintenance Instructions

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